Environmental Policy

The Silva Navigation School is committed to the principals of sustainable tourism and the setting of high quality environmental standards.

Whilst we cannot be perfect, we do our best and welcome suggestions of how we might improve.

We help promote Environmental Sustainability by…

  • Carefully selecting sites and routes to ensure the most sensitive areas of the Peak District National Park are avoided.
  • Varying routes to avoid over-burdening an area with repeat visits.
  • Planning walks to start from our door or from a point that can be reached by public transport where possible.
  • Encouraging lift-sharing where vehicles are required to get to the start of a walk
  • Limiting group sizes to ensure the environmental impact is minimised
  • Helping our guests learn about the environment they are walking through and why it is special
  • Making guests aware of public transport options to get to Tideswell
  • Using electronic communication where possible
  • Using recycled paper where possible or using paper sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Continual monitoring and improvement of the environmental impact of our activities

We help promote Economic and Community Sustainability by…

  • Using local suppliers where possible for all aspects of our business
  • Recommending bed and breakfasts, self-catering accommodation, hostels and campsites within the Tideswell & District Community
  • Encouraging guests to source food that has been grown or reared locally, from shops and cafés within the local community
  • Informing guests about local community life and what makes it special.