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Buying a compass

Compasses come in many shapes and sizes, some good, some bad and some very bad. It is important to know what to look for when you're buying a compass.

what to look for in a compass
What to look for in a compass

The diagram on this page shows the essential elements that a compass should have. There are compasses which have more than this but if you buy a compass which has these as a minimum, then you are on the right track.

However there is a world of difference between a £5 compass and a £25 compass and you really do get what you pay for! Spend wisely and you'll have a compass that will last for years, will be reliable and won't let you down. Buy a cheap compass and you're heading for trouble.

Silva has built up a deserved reputation for the quality and accuracy of their compasses. From their Field compass up to the splendid Expedition 54  you can be assured you have a compass made to high standards.

You can buy a range of Silva Compass perfectly suited for all outdoor enthusiasts from the Silva Navigation School Shop.

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Silva Navigation School 2018

silva navigation school 2018

The diary has been checked and double checked and so I'm pleased to announce that the Silva Navigation School 2018 dates are now official and available to book.  There is something for everyone again this year, from one day map and compass courses aimed at beginners to two day weekend courses for those who want to really spend time honing their navigation skills.

Don't forget there is also the famous, or infamous, Contour only day too, a course designed to help you really get to grips with contours and how useful they can be to navigate with.

What is more, the two day course price has stayed the same as this year too; even more reason to buy now.

With Christmas coming up, why not buy a loved one a course, a compass, one of my navigation books or even a compass.  You know you'll make their day.

Pete, Silva Navigation School

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2016 Map and Compass course dates published

Roll up, roll up.. the 2016 dates for all Silva Navigation School map and compass courses have now been published.  Bronze course start in February and run through, most month to October.  The Silver courses are in January and November and the Gold 2016 course is in December.

Like in 2015 we’re also running a series of one day Map and Compass courses and these are running from March until October and our unique Contour only course is on 15 May 2016 next year.

You can book online on The Silva Navigation School website.  To find out more visit the website or call Pete Hawkins on 01298 872470.

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New Look Website

The new-look Silva Navigation School website has been launched.

The new site has brought a much fresher and cleaner look to the site bringing all the navigation links to each page making it much easier to find what you’re looking for. Also launching today, is the faster, slicker and more efficient web shop selling Navigation Courses, Books and Silva Compasses. The shop has previously ‘sold’ free items too, the Navigation Aid and two versions of route cards. This whole process has been simplified and is available almost instantly without me having to authorise the ‘purchase’.

Please let me know what you think and feel free add your suggestions for further improvements.

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The New Season

The new season

The new Bronze navigation course season gets underway in earnest this weekend. Ten eager participants all wanting to get to grips with their maps and compasses. The course is based at the Anchor pub in Tideswell and we’re heading out for two fabulous walks in the Peak National Park to help them learn those essential navigation skills. Slightly damp at the moment but not enough to dampen the enthusiasm.