Equipment to bring

Generally speaking there’s nothing terribly technical needed for a walking weekend or navigation course. If you’re a regular walker you’ll know how difficult it is to get it right – it can be warm and sunny one minute and wet and windy the next.

Bring your regular walking kit for the time of year but maybe add another couple of layers into the mix in case the weather changes it mind.

If you’re new to walking there are a few rules to stick to. Wear layers rather than one thick garment. Layered clothing helps trap warm air and can, of course, be peeled off gradually as one gets warm. On your legs, avoid jeans at all costs.  Feet – boots with good grip on the sole is almost essential for the high moors; walking shoes, again with good grippy soles, are fine for the limestone if you don’t need ankle support but be aware that conditions may make their use difficult.

Waterproofs, suncream, insect repellant, hats, gloves, shorts etc etc. I could go on but wear sensible clothing for the conditions.

For the UK weekends, if you have a Dark Peak (OL1) (silver, gold and contour only courses) and White Peak (OL24) (bronze courses) Explorer map then please bring them with you. (You can enjoy a 10% discount on all laminated and unlaminated map purchases by clicking here).

Compasses will be available for the weekend but again, if you have one bring it along too. You can buy Silva Compasses and other Silva equipment using the links to the right.

If you have any concerns about the physical requirements of the courses or holidays please refer to the accessibility statement.  Please call or email me for further details.

Finally, of course, I recommend you buy a copy of one of my navigation books as this will form the basis for the weekend’s instruction. Further details on the books page.